Seminar Participants Engagement and Motivation Strategies for Specific Issues

(focus on boys)
involve boys on book selection committee.Have male students give their input and acknowledge their choice.
form book club for boys with male leader/teacher/form girls' bookclub with female leader/teacher
order high interest boys' magazines and books. Boys interested in quicker reads, more open to different genres.
get male teachers to do booktalks

Create READ posters with the athletic coaches
Create book dispalys for boys around the school
subscribe to magazines for boys, skateboard, computer games, etc.
create online book club for boys

More boy book talks.
Girls more apt to share books.
Bring books to them!
Feed them!

'Marketing' special reads by gender
Boys like facts/gimmicks,are more tech oriented
'Catch' other students/teachers reading
Girls read in series - promotions.
Display books that teachers' have read, tag with their name and why they liked the book
Create teacher READ posters and hang around the school
Encourage teachers to share what they are reading with their classes and ask students what they are reading
Change policy against technology, MP3 players, Facebook, etc.

Take photos of teachers and staff with a book of their choice; have them hold the book so that only their eyes are showin; students try to figure out who it is
Teach teachers to do book talks for their students
Figure out ways to make reading instruction easy for teacher.
Strategies in books in a basket in a well-used staffroom

Help with technical reading.
Background vocabulary - Glogster vocab words for science/math
Provide background on the era, genre etc.
Columbia Note Taking

Sign out new items to teachers
Make lists that support teachers' curriculum
New stuff displayed
Summer reading suggested instead of required

Study on voluntary reading

Use wordless picture books to prompt discussion.

Tech Integrator






Promote library resources/ideas

Flip video cameras


Movie Maker/iMovie


Getting on faculty committee
Make library warm inviting, comfortable
on LMC website: "What are you reading?"Get someone to write a little blurb about the book they are currently reading e.g. superintendant, janitor, principal, anyone kids relate to social networking site for booklovers

Student collection development teams
'Speed dating' nonfiction books in content areas
Displays, posters in areas outside the library

Magazines where kids can grab them

Bookmarks with synopses
Get caught reading!
Catch them where they hang out to makedigitalposters

Puzzles - Sudoku,crosswords, etc.
Allowing food and drink in media center
Get out of the library!
Poetry Slams

Banned Books Week
Suggestion Box
Student book talks
Flume and Isinglass Awards

Lollipops for Charity
TV on in media center
ALA READ posters

What are you reading?